Hiring A Home Designer – What Are The Questions That You Should Ask Beforehand

While choosing an architect for your home, you should consider many factors. They are the main brains behind your dream house and hence, find one who is a good listener, problem solver, maintains your budget and also guarantees to complete the work within the promised time duration.

Questions to Ask an Architect

The best way to understand whether an architect is best suited for your requirements is by asking them as many questions as possible. Here are some of questions that you can and should ask your designers.


Recommendation of the Contractors

The first question to ask any engineer before hiring them is about the recommendation of the contractors in your locality or whether you should take care of it yourself. If the architects suggest well-reputed contractors, then they should be the ones to help you take care of the bids and portfolios in your locality. They often suggest the names of the people they already have work experience, as they will be well aware about the working features of such contractors.

If you find the inventors with exclusive list of recommendations, then it saves you from the hassles of looking for the contractors.

List of Satisfied Customers as Recommendations

The numbers in the list of customers that every architect provides can be considered as the mirror that reflects their working principle and also their work experience in the field. You can contact the satisfied customers to know about the work of the builder and also about the actual factors that satisfied them.

3D Images of Your Plan

Architects come up with 2D plan as a way to explain homeowners how exactly their dream house looks like after completion. Before hiring an engineer, make sure to ask whether they provide the 3-Dimensional image of your home. 3D is a type of plans de chalet (cottage plan) wherein you can rotate it and check each corner beforehand and take care of necessary changes.

Billing Criteria

Always remember that the billing criteria of each designer vary based on the total dimension of your house. The commonly followed billing procedure of an architect is based on their services, renown of the building and finally on the complicatedness that the work involves. However, the normal billing charges will be around 10 to 20% of the overall cost.

Some architects bill you based on the total number of months involved in the completion of your construction. Experienced ones often bill you based on the number of hours that they spend with you in your project. Hence, make sure to know in detail about the billing criteria of an originator before hiring one.

Qualifications and Certifications

The main thing to know about any architect is their qualification and the license and certification that they posses. You can find many designers in your locality and also from the online search engines. However, there are no such guarantees that every web link that you find leads to a genuine one and hence, always check for the certifications and license of each architect that you short-list, before hiring one.