Few Facts to Be Concerned While Viewing a Property to Buy

What do you think is this wise if you spend only half an hour viewing a property that is going to be your home you are dreaming from many years? This is absolutely a wrong idea. There are many buyers especially, new buyers who have already got their dream land and that too within their budget often get over excited and hardly bother to spend time noticing few things that one needs to check before occupying the land. And in many cases, some people have ended up with a heart-breaking living experiences and been repented till they stayed there.

So, down here are the things to be ensured while viewing a property:

Is the place damp?

The main signs may come out from the stagnant and suffocating smell from the room due to the damp surrounding, flaky plaster and the damp marked walls and the celling. And sometimes you may also over look these things as the room could be repainted to cover up those things. So, considering these facts you need to go into thoroughly to these facts.

Is the structure of the building sound?

Check if the building is solid and structurally strong. If you find the same, you may feel not to go thoroughly. But there are some things that lay under the cover of that structure. Usually, what you would be looking for the big cracks, but the story lies in different corner. There could be many hairline cracks that you may over look. Look especially around the joins, the bay windows and the corners of the walls.

How much space is there for store room?

Buyers often miss to check the space for store room, which is important to have in every home. This is a great asset for everyone for keeping excess toiletries, home cleaning appliances etc.

In which direction does the house face?

Buying a great looking home and that too within the cost is not the end of the story. While contemplating to engage your money on your dream property make sure that home you have chosen to stay is rightly faced. Usually, it is been said that south facing home is ideal as according to the Indian VaastuShastra- the magnetic force of south pole release the vive of success.

Is there proper drainage structure in the plot?

Check the plot cautiously and look intensely its inner structure for drainage system. This is something very important to ensure a proper flowing of water. Usually, those who over look this fact and face the misfortune left with nothing but repenting and spending bucks after bucks for repairing.

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