Extra Services You Might Want to Offer in Your Home Remodeling Business

In recent years, the prices of building new homes has gone sky high. As a result, many homeowners are no longer looking to move up as more space is needed, but are seeking frugal ways to add living space to the home they already reside in. Sometimes the attic can be utilized for a loft conversion and other times basements can be made habitable while some homeowners add rooms or remodel and reorganize space within the main living area.

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Bathrooms and Kitchens Usually the First to Be Remodeled or Added

However, one thing that almost always needs to be remodeled or added to would be kitchen and bathroom facilities when adding room for more people. One or two bathrooms never seem to be enough. And what about if you are turning your garage, basement or attic into mother-in-law quarters? A bathroom and tiny kitchenette will be added. What do you do when plumbing needs to be shut down for any length of time?

Extras that the Competition Isn’t Offering

You can offer your customers portable toilets, showers and sinks to be used during construction/remodeling as part of your extra services. Don’t have portable trailers? Try looking into used tradeshow equipment where you can get previously owned, and still in great condition, facilities to bring to job sites with you. This is one way to attract customers away from the competition. After all, how many contractors come to the job site with porta-potties and porta-showers? Few, if any, would be a good guess.

Water Supply during Down Times

When looking at that used equipment, why not consider what it would mean to your customers to have a mobile water tank available during construction of bathrooms and kitchens? Most often the water main needs to be shut off while construction is underway. Yes, you thought of porta-potties and porta-showers but a water supply may also be needed for other activities such as doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, making coffee and so on.

Why Consumers Would Want These Services

The remodeling company that thinks of this will most often be the go-to team for major remodeling jobs because the cost of adding these kinds of service will be far less than housing a family elsewhere during construction. This would be especially true if the remodeling or new construction will mean an interruption of water and/or sewer for any length of time. No one really wants to leave their home to stay in a hotel or with a relative during construction and no one can live without water and a bathroom, so these seemingly little extras can be the selling point between your company and the business down the street.

Keeping in mind that the customers you are serving are looking for extra living space because they aren’t looking to upsize at the moment, you’ll see that they also probably don’t want to spend tons of money living away from home for extended periods of time. These are just a few of the services that could be deal clinchers if advertised and employed properly. Used equipment works well and adds dollars to your bottom line. Looking to grow your business literally overnight? Try adding services. It works every time.