Exterior House Color Trends

The tough southwestern sun causes it to be difficult to sustain the paint condition of the outside of home and commercial structures. Yet another challenge is presented when Home Proprietors Associations dictate the colour palette a house owner may choose their paint colors from.

Within the desert southwest, a glance at new or lately re-furbished commercial qualities (condominiums, apartment complexes, shopping malls) will illustrate the escape from the lighter desert tones TO more vibrant, saturated colors which make a visible design statement and endure the tough atmosphere better. A vacation to the new house developments reveal a larger selection of more thrilling color options.

Color may be used to highlight or downplay your house or building architectural details (or lack there of). For instance, painting the eaves and fascia exactly the same color because the walls creates a short building look taller, while painting them exactly the same color because the roof creates a tall building look shorter. Posts, pop-out window details or trim could be highlighted with accent color to attract the attention towards them.

It is vital never to forget the bigger atmosphere where the building stands. While you need to stick out, you need to easily fit in. The aim is to slot in for your atmosphere, but additionally get observed. Colors will convey an unspoken message. Think about the next questions:

What exactly are these colors communicating to my customers/neighbors?

Do these colors communicate elegance? ambiance? safety? a particular cultural tone?

Robert Shapario, the manager director for Color Guild, states the primary colors emerging in commercial structures within the the coming year include warm and wealthy browns, earthy oranges, vibrant yellows, conservative reds, true blues and mid-tone to light grays. For that individual property owner, wealthy brown/red tones and muted vegetables also easily fit in the palette.

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