Aluminum Wiring – What’s the Hazard?

Aluminum is really a fine conductor of electrical current. It’s less expensive than copper. Almost all the outside wire on utility rods (all in many areas) is aluminum. Whether it were copper people could be climbing the rods to steal it then sell it for scrap.

Multi strand aluminum wiring is not considered to become hazardous. Electric flows around the outside of the wire so getting multi strands of aluminum offers the added pathways for power as they say regarding allow that type wire for use with no problem. Good electricians use anti oxidant compound to be able to make certain the aluminum doesn’t oxidize. Use care should you ever encounter what appears like black goo around wiring, it’s a conductive anti oxidant that’s because a conductor of current because the wire itself.

The issue with single strand aluminum wiring may be the connections oxidize develop high impedance connections and obtain hot. Connections could possibly get so hot they are able to allow a home fire to happen. Even connections that don’t get hot enough to ignite wood could possibly get hot enough to reduce the ignition temperature of wood with a process known as pyrolysis.

Copper to aluminum connections should be designed a certain means by to avoid creating a much greater hazard.

Among the problems faced by home proprietors who would like to make their aluminum wiring safer is too little qualified and willing contractors. Most electricians don’t want to accept chance of focusing on homes with aluminum wiring.